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About Us

As members of the Sussex NJ Republican County Committee, we commit to leading with integrity, honesty, and empathy, welcoming all individuals who align with our conservative Republican principles. We are devoted to promoting a streamlined, cost-effective local government while upholding and enforcing the Constitution of the United States and its amendments.

Furthermore, we uphold the following tenets:


  • The Constitution of the United States should be revered and strictly adhered to.

  • The right to bear arms, as delineated in the Second Amendment, must remain inviolable

  • The sanctity of human life is paramount and must be safeguarded.

  • We advocate for equitable state funding for schools and the upholding of parental rights.

  • Leadership should prioritize the welfare of the populace over the interests of a select few.

  • The government should operate with greater efficiency and reduced size.

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