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Hayden - Stolen Valor

The Real Story Behind Commissioner Hayden's Controversial Acts


In recent times, the local Sussex County political landscape has been rife with controversy, primarily centering around Commissioner Hayden. Known for his vivid imagination and storytelling prowess, Hayden's actions and statements have sparked a great deal of debate and concern within the community. It's high time we dissect the situation to shed light on the truth behind the curtains.


Commissioner Hayden has been at the forefront of a disinformation campaign, seemingly with the aim of garnering sympathy and support. However, a closer examination reveals a pattern of omission and distortion of facts that raises serious questions about his credibility and suitability for his role as County Commissioner. Those familiar with Hayden's history would not find this surprising, as his penchant for storytelling often blurs the lines between fiction and reality. Indeed, one could argue that Hayden possesses a talent better suited for fantasy writing than public service.


Hayden's inclination for make-believe extends into his personal life, where he has been seen engaging in cosplay, at times donning military style clothing and spinning tales of valor and service. These acts, while perhaps entertaining in a different context, are alarming when performed by someone in a position of authority and trust. It's akin to witnessing a perpetual state of role-playing, where the line between fantasy and responsibility is not just blurred but seemingly ignored.


The recent accusations made by Hayden against fellow Republicans, and his subsequent outreach to a known Democrat supporter to defame his "friends," further exemplify his problematic behavior. The seriousness of his claims prompted the Democrat in question to legally share the information with Senator Parker and Commissioner Jill Space, highlighting the potential threat these comments posed.


Moreover, the allegations surrounding the illegal acquisition of Hayden's tax returns have been debunked. The truth, as it turns out, is far more mundane and, in some ways, more damning. Hayden's own spouse (see below), disillusioned by his fabrications regarding military service, was the one who released their tax returns, which falsely claimed veteran status for Hayden. This revelation not only exposes a personal betrayal but also underscores a profound disrespect for genuine veterans and their sacrifices.


Further investigations, including FOIA requests, have confirmed that Hayden never served in the military, directly contradicting his previous assertions. Such findings not only cast a shadow over his character but also implicate him in serious legal issues, including tax fraud and potentially committing Stolen Valor by financially benefiting from false claims of veteran status.


Despite being censured by the County Commissioners for other reasons, Hayden has continued to deny any wrongdoing, choosing instead to deflect, and spread further misinformation. His refusal to acknowledge his actions and their consequences is not just a failure of personal integrity but a disservice to the public and the office he holds.

Email from Jocelyn Hayden

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