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In accordance with and as provided by Title 19, Article 3, Chapter 5, Revised Statutes of the State of New Jersey, the following shall be the CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS OF THE SUSSEX COUNTY

The name of this organization is the Sussex County Republican Committee.


The object of the Sussex County Republican Committee shall be to promote the principles,
establish the policy, direct the affairs, support Republican candidates for public office, and further the goals of the Republican Party and strive for efficient and responsible government in Sussex County.


Membership shall be one (1) of two (2) types: a “REGULAR” member or an “HONORARY”
member. “REGULAR” member shall be two Registered Republicans, from each voting district in the County who shall have been duly elected at the Primary for the General Election or subsequently appointed and elected at the Reorganization of the Municipal Committee at a duly authorized meeting as required by Title 19:5-2 before the annual meeting to be held, as per Title 19:5-3, and the term shall be for four (4) years., beginning with the Sussex County primary election to be held in June of 2020. Until that election, the term of office shall be for (2) years. Due to the change in scheduling elections for County Committee members, the next election will be held at the Sussex County primary election in June of 2021. Therefore, the terms of office of existing County Committee members will be automatically extended until the next scheduled election of County Committee members in June of 2021.


The term of all “REGULAR” members shall terminate at 12:01 A.M. on the first Saturday
following the Primary Election in which the Regular members stood for election. The term of those
just elected in the Primary shall begin simultaneously.
“HONORARY” membership shall be held by all elected Republicans that represent Sussex
County, or a portion thereof, on a Federal, State, County or Municipal basis during the term of their
tenure. In addition, all past Chairmen and past 1st Vice-Chairmen of the Sussex County Republican
Committee, along with the current Chairman or President of Republican clubs active with the county, shall hold “HONORARY” membership. “HONORARY” members shall also include appointments made by the County Chairman, the Chairman’s advisory committee and to any office of the County Committee. No person may be appointed to any such committee or office and assume the position of “HONORARY” member unless he or she shall have voted as a Republican in the most recent Primary Election preceding the appointment. An “HONORARY” member may participate at any general meeting of the County Committee but will not be allowed to vote nor hold an elected office other than Chairman, under Article IV, unless he or she also holds the elected office of County Committee person within his or her voting district. 

The “Regular” members of the Sussex County Republican Committee shall select as their
officers a CHAIRMAN, a 1ST VICE-CHAIRMAN and such other Vice-Chairmen as the Chairman
deems necessary, a SECRETARY and TREASURER each of which, with the exception of the
Chairman, shall be a “Regular” member of the Sussex County Republican Committee, as set forth in
Article III. The Chairman may appoint other officers, as he may deem necessary to serve during his
FUND RAISING, etc. Appointed officers may be either “Regular” or “Honorary” members.
All officers, other than appointed, shall be elected for a period of two (2) years at the Sussex
County Republican Committee’s Reorganization meeting held on the Tuesday evening following the
Primary for the General Election and, commencing June 2021, every two (2) years thereafter.


The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Sussex County Republican Committee and
shall be the Chief Officer. In addition to the rights and duties conferred or imposed by law, the Chairman shall exercise and discharge those conferred by this Constitution and Bylaws and all Resolutions adopted in conformity therewith. The 1st Vice-Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Sussex County Republican Committee or Executive Committee and shall exercise all the powers and duties of the Chairman during a vacancy or during the inability of the Chairman to serve.
The Secretary shall perform such duties as usually pertain to the office and as assigned from
the Sussex County Republican Committee, the Executive Committee or the Chairman.
The Treasurer shall possess all powers and discharge all duties conferred or imposed by law,
this Constitution and Bylaws, and the Resolutions of the County Committee or Executive Committee.
The Chairman shall appoint one (1) or more Sergeant-at-Arms to preserve order at all
meetings; other appointed officers shall follow any instructions given by the Chairman for the purpose of the appointment. The Chairman and 1st Vice-Chairman shall be ex-officio members of all committees established by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Sussex County Republican Committee or Executive Committee.


County Committee members: All vacancies in the office of “Regular” members of the Sussex
County Republican Committee shall be filled for the unexpired term by the Municipal Committee in
the Municipality wherein the vacancy occurs, as per Title 19:5-2. Elected County Committee Officers: A vacancy existing in the office of the Chairman or, 1st Vice-Chair, shall be filled by a vote of the “Regular” members of the Sussex County Republican Committee at a special meeting called for that purpose, within thirty (30) days of occurrence of the vacancy. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Chairman and during the limiting thirty (30) day period, the 1st Vice-Chairman, followed by the Secretary and the Treasurer, in that line of succession, shall act as Chairman. In the event of a vacancy, the Chairman can appoint an acting Treasurer or Secretary subject to the advice and consent of the County Committee at the next Regular meeting. State Committeemen and Committeewomen: In the event of a vacancy these offices shall be filled for the unexpired term by a vote of the “Regular” members of the Sussex County Republican Committee at a special meeting called for that purpose, within thirty (30) days of the receipt of notice
from the State Committee that such a vacancy exists because of death, resignation or otherwise.


The Sussex County Republican Committee shall meet the Tuesday evening following the
Primary Election and at such other times and places during the year at the call of the Chairman on at least ten (10) days written notice to each “Regular“ member. Notice shall be deemed given when
mailed or emailed to the address on record with the Secretary at least ten (10) days before the
meeting. There shall be a minimum of four (4) County Committee meetings during the year.
Suggested months are March, June, October, December. Quorum: No election, act or decision of the Sussex County Republican Committee or the Executive Committee shall be effectual for any purpose unless:


1) Written notice of the meeting is mailed, e-mailed or delivered to the address on record with
the Secretary to all “Regular” and Executive Committee members at least ten (10) days prior to their applicable meeting, and;
2) There is a physical attendance at any such meeting of at least twenty-five percent (25%) of
the persons eligible to vote, which number shall constitute a quorum.
Voting: Only those members present and eligible to vote at a duly constituted meeting shall be
entitled to vote on any questions, motions, nominations or Resolution, except a Resolution to alter,
amend or revise this Constitution and Bylaws. All voting for election of officers or for the filling of vacancies shall be by secret written ballot. In the event there is but one (1) candidate for any office or vacancy, voting may be by voice.


The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the execution of the policy of the Sussex
County Republican Committee in the management and political organization of the Republican Party.
They shall guide and coordinate political activities and general election campaigns throughout the
County. The Chairman shall preside over Executive Committee meetings and Article VII shall prevail as to notice of a meeting, quorum and voting. All members of the Executive Committee, as stated next, shall have the right to vote, except the Parliamentarian.
(1) All elected officers and Chairman appointed officers of the County Committee, and; 
(2) The elected Republican State Committeeman and Committeewoman for Sussex County,
(3) The elected Republican Federal, State and County public officials that represent Sussex, or
part thereof, and;
(4) The immediate past Chairman and 1st Vice-Chairman of the Sussex County Republican
Committee, and;
(5) All Chairman of the twenty-four (24) Municipal Republican Committees, but their number
will not be counted towards establishing a quorum, as provided in Article VII.


A yearly budget shall be adopted at a meeting of the Executive Committee within a forty-five
(45) day period after the June Primary Election on call of the County Chairman. The County
Chairman, or such persons as he may designate, shall prepare and present a tentative budget at
such meeting. Once adopted by the Executive Committee, copies shall be made available to all
“Regular” members. The Treasurer shall deposit all receipts and prepare all disbursements in the account of the Sussex County Republican Committee. This checking account shall carry the signatures of the Chairman, the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. Only these officers shall have the authority to authorize expenditures and approve disbursements. The signature of the Chairman and either the Treasurer or the Assistant Treasurer are required on all checks written on behalf of the Sussex County Republican Committee. In addition, the Treasurer shall account, at each general meeting and at each Executive Committee meeting, for all funds received and all funds paid. The Treasurer shall keep an up-to-date record of all accounts receivable and accounts payable. The Treasurer, on or before the required date, shall prepare all financial reports that are required by law, with the agency requiring same. The Executive Committee shall annually appoint a Financial Review Committee of three (3), excluding the Chairman, the Treasurer and Vice-Chairs, to review the financial accounts of the Sussex County Republican Committee and prepare a report for presentation at the next regular County Committee meeting following the adoption of the budget by the Executive Committee. If the Financial Review Committee deems it advisable or necessary, it may engage an accounting firm not affiliated with the Chair, Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer to assist in reviewing the financial records and to provide advice and recommendations. Retaining an outside accounting firm for in-depth forensic evaluation of the financial records shall require approval by the Regular Members. All expenditures by the County Committee for Municipal Candidate campaign direct purchases will be made, pursuant to the following process:


A. The candidate must submit a campaign plan in the format as required by the County
B. Upon receipt and review of the said plan, the County Campaign Sub Committee will
assign a dollar amount for expenditures on behalf of that candidate’s campaign; 
C. Said funds shall remain in the County Committee’s account until authorized for
D. To obtain authorization, the candidate will present cost and content information to their
Municipal Chair for review and authorization; said authorization will not be unreasonably
withheld pending final review and authorization by the County Campaign SubCommittee;
E. Upon approval from the Municipal Chair and the County Campaign Sub-Committee, the
candidate will execute a Candidate’s Agreement to observe standards of conduct. A
candidate who breaches the Agreement is required to reimburse the County Committee
for all expenditures on behalf of the candidate and shall also indemnify and hold the
County Committee harmless from the consequences of such breach.
F. Any candidate who feels approval has been unreasonably withheld may appeal to the
County Campaign Sub-Committee who will render a decision in a timely manner.
G. In the event that a breach of the Candidate’s Agreement is alleged, only a member of
the County Committee and elected Republican officer or authorized candidate can file a
written complaint, citing the specific violation. Said complaint will be reviewed by the
Sussex County Republican Committee’s Policy and Rules Sub-Committee, who will
make a recommendation for further action to the Chair whose decision will be final.


ENDORSEMENTS: Whenever, by custom or by law, the County Chairman enjoys the power to
recommend any candidate to County, State or Federal post, position, office or other benefit, he shall
confer with the Municipal Chairman in which the candidate resides for his opinion. The County
Chairman shall submit the name of the candidate to the Executive Committee for their consideration
with a report of the opinions obtained. The Executive Committee shall act upon appointments in a closed session by secret ballot. The results of their action shall not be discussed with others outside the Committee, except a disclosure of “Approved”, “Disapproved” or “NO Action”.


All Republican Candidates for any elective office, be it Federal, State, County or Municipal,
that were successful in the Primary Election and the office they are seeking will represent Sussex
County or a portion thereof will hold “Honorary” membership in the Sussex County Republican
Committee until the General Election. If he or she is successful in the General Election, his or her
“Honorary” membership will continue until he or she assumes the office.
If the elective office of the successful candidate in the Primary Election is one that entitles the
holder to membership in the Executive Committee or if he or she is successful in the General
Election, the “Honorary” membership shall continue until he or she assumes the office. 

This Constitution and Bylaws may only be adopted, amended, altered, revised or repealed by
a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all “Regular” members of the Sussex County Republican Committee present at any Regular of Special Meeting of the committee, provided due notice thereof shall have been mailed or emailed to each “Regular” member of the County Committee at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting, setting forth the Constitution and Bylaws or any part to be amended and a statement describing the need for any proposed amendment.
Robert’s Revised Rules of Order shall be the official parliamentary guide for the Sussex
County Republican Committee in all matters not covered by the provisions of this Constitution and


As adopted and approved at the December 5, 2019 Regular County Committee Meeting. 

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